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Bicycle fitting is the most important, yet overlooked aspect of buying and riding a new bike.

Many people accept discomfort or think that is part of bicycle riding or they avoid riding altogether because of discomfort or injury. This is not always true. By adjusting the contact points of the bicycle to fit your body you can be more comfortable and increase your power and speed.

Through a thorough fit assessment Bob Olsen of Signature Fit will get you on the right track or to the right help to get you on the road to pain free cycling. We have an extensive network of health care practitioners who understand the needs of cyclists.

Signature Fit  has different fitting packages to meet your needs and situation. Whether you are on a hybrid and want a simple seat and handlebar adjustment to a fitting with a flexibility test and power testing in different positions.

Signature Fit does stock many different stems, handlebars, saddles, test saddles, shoes, pedals and custom insoles if needed with in the fit.   No pressure to buy, we give you options. Labor charges may be applied.   Parts brought in from other sources will have labor charges applied.

Fit Guru and owner, Bob Olsen has done thousands of fits and is sought after by cyclists across the country. 3-time RAAM mechanic for Lon Haldeman, Bob travels nationwide to bike camps and to offer fit clinics. He’s earned certification in fitting and service from some of the biggest names in bicycling.


Basic Fit

We start at your feet and work up from there making sure everything is in alignment with your body and cycling style. We do an assessment of your riding style and goals.  Great services for that hybrid you were never comfortable on or that road bike hanging in the garage and want to try riding again.   1-1.5 hours $85


Advanced Fit

We start with a complete history of your health and riding to understand physical issues and limitations. We also want to know your reason for fit and goals. We’ll look at your flexibility as it applies to cycling and document your existing bike set up and shoe cleats. That sets a baseline. We hook your bike up to a Compu-trainer, which analyzes your pedal stroke and power output. This helps us pinpoint any weakness and biomechanical deficiencies.   Is also great coaching for the rider as you see how smooth or un smooth your pedal stoke is.

We then move to precise cleat adjustment that includes, fore and aft, side to side movement and cant. These settings will get your leg and feet tracking in alignment to your body.

We move on to leg extension and fore and aft of saddle to place you in the most powerful and comfortable spot over the pedals.

We now take your flexibility we documented and start to place the handlebars and lever controls to the proper position in front of you. This may involve a handle bar and or stem change. Many times it is a simple flip-flop of the stem, moving spacers or just rotating handlebars and controls.

You will receive in a email after the fit a report.  This will include pre, during and post notes. Before and after photos.  A digital print out of the bike set ups measurements.

Parts, if needed, are extra and will be quoted in the fit.  No pressure to buy.   Labor charges may be applied.   Parts brought in from other sources will have labor charges applied.

Standard Road or Mountain bike $165    Tri Bike $185  2 Hours


Retul Fit

Retul is the most advanced bicycle fitting system available today. The system consists of a camera and computer software that uses three-dimensional motion capture technology and video analysis. This medical device has immediate report capability and a millimeter-specific digitizing tool that provides the most accurate dynamic fitting solution in the industry. The system enables us to analyze left and right side discrepancies allowing us to get you in an optimal power balanced with aerodynamic position.  You will see difference from left to right and gives you knowledge as to off the bike exercises you will need to do to be more efficient.

This includes all of the Advance fit plus the 3d motion capability of Retul.    If you are looking to know every detail down to the millimeter this is the best tool for it.   Bob was one of the early adopters of the system and one of the first three in the world to be certified by Retul.

Road Bike and Mountain Bike $265 Tri Bike $280 2.5-3 hours


women’s bike fit observation

Please bring your cycling shoes, shorts and bike for your fitting. Please leave children at home.
All fittings by appointment call 815.444.6897 or see Schedule Services on upper right hand corner

Bob Olsen custom Seven Bike fit