About Bob Olsen

Yeah, you could say he’s been doing this for awhile…

Bob Olsen is considered a Fit Guru and has done thousands of fits and is sought after by cyclists across the country. 3-time RAAM mechanic for Lon Haldeman, Bob travels nationwide to bicycle camps and does his fit clinics.

He’s earned certification in fitting, multiple philosophies, and service from some of the biggest names in cycling  As of February 2013 has working in shops for 29 years. Last 20 years focusing on bicycle fitting Bob started racing Criterium and road racing as a junior, then leading to long distance solo rides  Also having helped lead bike tours in Italy as a guide and mechanic the touring bug got him.

Some adventures he has done are touring Ghana Africa on bamboo bicycles and riding over the Andes in Peru at 15,000.

Having experienced many things on the bike Bob is sure to be able to help you enjoy and achieve your cycling goals.

Bob Olsen custom Seven Bike fit